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California pastor outraged to find Bible filed under ‘fiction’ at Costco | The Raw Story


I posted the above article on my facebook page, and a reply mentioned how Atheists are so hypocritical because they have beliefs, too. This was my reply:

I think it’s more like Atheists are able to see the oppression caused by religion (any religion) and we are willing to call them out on it. As for Atheists “beliefs”, they are as varied socio-politically as you can imagine. And, the atheists like myself, who are science-geeks, or scientists, are fully able to accept that we may be wrong, but the more science discovers, the less “unknown” there is for any god to exist.

If there comes a time that science is able to prove that a supernatural entity does exist, we will review that proof and accept it as we have accepted gravity. We seek verifiable proof, not just some ancient texts written when man still believed the earth was flat and we all came from Adam & Eve, instead of Lucy the Austrolopithicus afferensis.

Besides, creationists think the earth is younger than our domestication of the dog, which did just get another nudge further back in time to about 30,000 years ago. (Or was it 300,000?)

Either way, it is further back than Fundie Christians seem to believe, even when incontrovertible evidence proves otherwise. It is in the fossil record, it is in your DNA and mine.  

It isn’t that we are slamming religion just to be hypocritical,  it is that we see it for what it really is, a mental security blanket, started by someone having to explain to the members of their family/tribe why some tragedy happened, so that they could all sleep better at night. The stories grew and evolved over time, then they were written down and became locked into that point of the story’s evolution.