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Why Is America’s Sense of Black Humanity So Skewed? | Alternet

What is so disturbing about this article is that @ProfessorCrunk is 100% correct, and yet the majority of White America won’t see it. We must start seeing this as a very urgent issue that must be resolved by the White majority.

WE, as the owners and recipients of White Privilege, must make that change in our society, because right now, it appears as if the 1960’s civil rights movement NEVER happened.

What is wrong with this country when any ethnic minority is seen as less than human, whether they are Black, Latino, Native American, Indian, or Asian? We are all human, we are all worthy of respect, dignity and due process of law. We are all one race, one people, the only difference is whether our ancestors migrated through Europe, Asia, or straight from Africa, and how long ago. And this includes people who have recently immigrated here, legally or illegally.

We are ALL Africans through our Mitochondrial DNA. The evidence is overwhelming. We cannot treat people differently just on the basis of skin tone. We must forcefully reject the idea that anyone else is less human based on their skin tone, their neighborhood, or their families. Each individual has the right to be treated with respect.