I was raised as an agnostic, with little exposure to religion, other than an occasional holiday event with a grandmother or aunt. I was taught about evolution and nature long before I learned what religion was, and I was also taught to be a skeptic at a young age. This made any possibility of believing in a higher power a moot point.

I was also encouraged at a young age to be a researcher, which helped cement the life long love of science and learning. I don’t like not knowing at least a basic understanding of whatever the conversation turns to, and will always want to find out more. Some people think I’m a bit of a know-it-all, but it’s more of a desire to share what I have learned and if someone knows something more, I want to learn about that as well, to expand my horizons.

Along with all of this, I was raised to see people as individuals, each person comes from a different life experience, and gender, ethnicity, age and every other demographic is not useful for grouping individuals, especially when it  comes to negative thoughts. “All (_____) people are (this way)” doesn’t fit well within the grand scheme of things. Each person has had their own challenges, struggles and triumphs that have shaped who they are today and today’s events will help shape who they are tomorrow.

Because of my background, I am a very liberal person who has taken up the challenge of being an Ally for the LGBT Marriage Equality cause. So strong in my beliefs about Marriage Equality, I have become an ordained minister so that on the day that Marriage Equality is passed in my home state, I will be down at the local courthouse volunteering my time to officiate marriages to any couples who have a licence. I won’t even charge anything for the service. 🙂


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