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“Alfred E. Newman would make a better POTUS”

A Facebook friend posted this in his wall to get people talking. Well, I always have more than my fair share of opinions about #45, so I started to post the following, and decided it would be better suited to my blog.

I think I would be a better president, I have less experience, but a lot more common sense. 

I would cut our budget, raise taxes for anyone with an annual income greater than $500,000, keep corporate taxes around 30% and make suture that any corporation doing business in the US has to pay taxes on the income generated by that business, regardless of their company’s domicile of record. Money moved offshore would still be considered as if it were here. Rich people hiding money off shore would not get any tax benefits from moving it. 

Education, clean energy and science would get the funding it deserves, religious-biased laws against women’s & LGBT rights would be reversed, the First amendment would take a front seat. 

The people want common sense gun control laws, so they should have the opportunity to vote on that nationally, not to take away a person’s rights to own guns, but a way for the state’s to have a title system, like a car title, that can be transferred like a car title, and in order for a person to be qualified to buy a gun, they first need to take a safety course and pass it to get a license, similar to a conceal carry license. In order to be able to buy a gun or ammo, you have to show you are licensed. If you want to own more than 10 guns, you would need insurance. 

Women’s right to reproductive healthcare rights would be a federal mandate, not open to states being able to pick it apart and regulate it to death.

The Iran Nuclear deal would be back on the table, exactly as it was set up, because it was working. The Paris Climate Change accord would be reinstated, with more done in the US to ensure that we significantly reduce our overall carbon footprint, as well as make it easier for clean energy companies to expand, and for fossil fuels to be reduced, encouraging those companies to also move toward clean energy solutions. Clean coal is a red herring, let’s convince them to put solar panels, wind farms and other emerging tech where the strip mines are now. The whole American infrastructure needs to be overhauled, from roads, bridges, and rail lines to the national electrical grid. The areas hit recently by hurricanes, wildfires and tornados all need to be rebuilt, but better able to withstand these major weather events for they will come again in the near future. 

Speaking of which, lets make Puerto Rico our 51st state already. They have been asking for statehood for a long time, and they have been treated like a red-headed stepchild long enough. They need full statehood rights. 

Along the lines of infrastructure and rebuilding the areas decimated by extreme weather, let’s take the example of AmeriCorps, and offer young adults the ability to work/volunteer 2 years towards this goal in exchange for 4 years college, or to come out of the 2 years with a vocational degree with that experience to take with them to a career in electrical, plumbing, carpentry, construction, etc. They could also do a 2-4 year military enlistment, with a focus on training them in a career, plus leadership skills, and use that for an equal amount of college. It would be the way this country could be able to give more people access to an education, and the opportunity to expand their own horizons, be able to leave their own hometown and go learn what they can accomplish, and have the ability to become more than they thought possible. 

As the first openly Humanistic Atheist, I would certainly not be appreciated by the so called “Moral Majority” who have tried to run this country from behind the scenes. But, it is necessary to make sure that this country gets back to its secular roots. The National Day of Prayer would be inclusive of all religions and of those with no religion. 

If it were possible for a regular person who doesn’t have money to become president, this would be the beginning of my platform.