Religions are just security blankets

To understand that all gods were created by man, is the first step to understanding that there are no gods. Every god and goddess imagined by man was shared within a person’s family or tribe as a means to give reason to chaos, to help the members of that family or tribe to sleep better at night. In the most ancient times, when earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, wars,  cyclones, mudslides, sickness and wild animals killed beloved family members, the stories of an all-powerful god calling that person “home” to wherever that God lived was a way to help the survivors sleep better at night.

It has always been a security blanket for the mind, and that is okay. Some people always need that security blanket to deal with death of loved ones, and especially in dealing with their own eventual death. Some people grow out of needing their security blanket and seeing it for what it is, and a few were raised with no security blanket at all.

There are many different patterns and sizes of security blankets in the world, and not every blanket is right for every person. Each person must find the security blanket that is the most comfortable for themselves, usually the same blanket as their parents and neighbors, because it is the one they grew up with. That too can be okay, but forcing every person to use only one type of blanket is wrong, just as forcing everyone to discard their blankets and grow away from needing them.

Unfortunately, some people see that their security blanket must be the best fit for everyone and use their power of persuasion or threat of violence to strangle other people with their blanket, using their blanket as a means of control of others around them. The more people who give them power, give in to being suffocated by that person’s blanket, the bigger and more suffocating that blanket becomes. Most Fundamental blankets are this smothering, strangling whomever they can.

Forcing women to give up their voice, their rights of equality is one manifestation of an overreaching stranglehold of what was once a security blanket but now a stranglehold of vile hatred and control of mind and body. This is not just the blanket that becomes a burka, but the blanket of fundamentalist Christians and fundamentalists of any other religion that forces capitulation.

I would have no problem with people having their own security blanket to help them sleep at night, but as long as people keep trying to change one another’s minds, especially through threat of violence or death, to change from one blanket to another, there will not be peace. This is disheartening, but true. What can be done? Recognize and accept that there are lots of patterns and sizes of security blankets and it is only a matter of personal opinion and one’s own comfort that determines which blanket they hold onto at night, or none at all.

To have no need of a security blanket is refreshing, enlightening, and once unencumbered, it is easier to see just how restrictive that blanket has become, to realize just how much it blinded the view of the wider expance of the world, galaxies and the universe, and to feel true freedom for the first time.

Whatever helps you sleep at night is okay, as long as you don’t smother someone else with your blanket.  Trying to debate or convince someone into wanting a piece of your blanket is NOT evangelizing, it is suffocating, strangling, and inexcusable.


2 thoughts on “Religions are just security blankets

  1. Maria

    Wow. This really hits home. Religion IS like a security blanket, not all blankets are the same, and not everyone needs a security blanket. Why can’t we just leave it at that? Why do we have to force OUR blankets upon each other? Why does the idea of religion — which should mean peace — lead to so much fighting, hate, and war?

    1. katshumanisticmusings Post author

      Thank you Maria, it has been something that I have been mulling over for a while. I have quite a few theist relatives that I love even if they think that my brother and I are crazy for being non-believers. I was just never indoctrinated, and was raised by a non-believers who did believe in doing whatever was necessary to foster a love of reading. I liked reading about dinosaurs and reptiles, amphibians and other nature books. They also covered evolution well enough that by the time the relatives got a chance to bring me to church with them, I was already a citizen scientist, and fairy tales just were not going to convince me that there were no dinosaurs or that a snake could talk. None of the snakes I ever caught would talk to me. LOL


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